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Krystal La Plante

I purchased this candle for a colleague and as such I did not intend on lighting this candle....so much for that.

While driving home from Seattle yesterday, I asked my partner to light MY new candle from Light and Glow Candle Co so that I might return home to take in it's amazing smell for the first time. I excitedly ascended the stairs, threw the door open and was filled with momentary delight as my nose was filled with the beautiful scent of this candle. That moment was obviously short lived as I realized he lit my friends candle, oops! Well what was I to do at this point? I certainly couldn't blow it out as we needed to make sure we reached the full melt on the first burn. While I feel a little bad my friends candle was accidentally lit, I selfishly enjoyed the 2-4 hours I got to thoroughly enjoy this candle ;o)

I think I know which candle I am getting next!

Steven Harris
My favorite

This is my most favorite candle that I’ve purchased! Thank you so much

Our Align candle is rich with scents of Sandalwood, Bergamot, Rose + Arborvitate. It is beautiful + deep, quiets our mind and entices us to go within, to reflect, to ponder, to meditate. 

It supports self love and self-acceptance. This blend invites individuals to step into their own unique beauty, to release self-judgements and to stand strongly in their own integrity and personal alignment.

We recommend this beauty when you are feeling scattered and overwhelmed. When life feels heavy and you're yearning for some solid ground. When you are ready to step into your power. Align.

This candle is made with Coco Apricot Creme Wax + Crackling Wooden Wicks for a soothing and fireside ambience.

All of our products are made to order + made by hand. Variations may occur + are natural.


∙ Coco Apricot Créme wax (vegan, gluten free, toxin free, paraben free, phthalate free)
∙ Crackling wooden wick (FSC Certified)
∙ 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils
∙ 12 ounce iridescent white aura vessel or 5oz Cream travel size

Proper Burning of your Candle:
∙ We recommend burning for 2-4 hours, or until full melt pool has been achieved. This maximizes an even burn for its full life + also maximizes the throw of your fragrance.
∙ Never burn your candle for longer than 4 hours.
∙ Trim your wick: all wicks should be trimmed to 1/4" before lighting every time.
∙ Keep an eye out. Place your candle within eyesight + away from any flammable items.
∙ When not in use, store your candles upright in a cool + dry environment and away from direct sunlight.